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We have found that the below helps us provide a great place for you and all guests to rest, relax and rejuvenate

Please be aware of all guests staying at Redding Travelodge. Doing so is greatly appreciated.

Cancellation Policy:

Standard Reservations - 24 hours (by 6:00pm night prior to check-in)
Group Reservations - 72 hours (by 6:00pm three nights prior to check-in)
Holiday periods & Special event days - 72 hours (by 6:00pm three nights prior to check-in)

(Prop 65, *A $250.00 fee is charged if smoking of any kind is detected in the room.)

For your protection, we have a *closed door policy. This means doors must be closed at all times except for entering and exiting.
(*security concern, insurance regulations, energy savings & aesthetic appeal to all guest.)

NO Alcoholic beverages can be consumed outside of rooms. Includes walkways, stairs, parking lot, and pool and spa area.
(Redding Municipal Code 10.25.010 and RTL policy)

No running, jumping, or horseplay on stairs or walkways.

No skateboarding or playing in *parking lot
(Safety & noise concerns, *limited parking & amplified noise in U-shaped area.)

We also require head-in parking. You may backup your car to load and unload only, and then, we’re required to have all vehicles facing the front, front end parking only.
(* insurance regulations, auto exhaust concerns with breezeway entrances and air conditioning units.)

No glass containers, food, or alcohol allowed in pool or spa area.

No items are allowed to be hung on railings or left in walkways.

Children under age the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult at pool, spa, and computer area at all times.

Please adhere to maximum number of guests allowed in spa area.

Multi-night guests: we are required to daily enter and perform service in all rooms. A minimum of twice a week (Mon. & Thurs.) for day-sleepers, please talk to front desk to arrange the most suitable time.

All breeze ways and walkways must be clear at any time. All inside furniture must stay inside rooms at all times.
(* fire dept. regulations, clear passage – furniture designed for indoor use only.)

The pool and spa room close at 10:00 PM. This begins our QUIET TIME. To respect those in your group and other guests desiring to rest, relax, and rejuvenate. By 11:00pm walkways, parking lot, and breezeways should be clear and quiet.
(* health dept. regulations, pump & filters preset to shut off at 10pm – curtail noise and limit unnecessary activity for other guests.)

This policy is posted in all rooms and available in the lobby.

By signing the folio at check-in guests are in agreement with and will abide by the policy and rules listed.

Third parties customers are required to sign a guest credit card deposit form.

Cash paying customers are required to have a credit card on file or as for cash only customers, a substaintial cash deposit ($250.00).

Failure to comply could result in the guest/guests being asked to leave the property.